Carsifi set-up is a very easy process. First time when you connect Carsifi to your car you should complete Bluetooth pairing. To do that, please open your Android Device Settings -> Bluetooth and click the "Pair New Device" button. After that, your Android will start searching for new devices and you should select a device named "Carsifi-xxxx" (xxxx is the number of the device which is different on every adapter). In just a few seconds you will be enjoying wireless Android Auto. You only have to set it up once for each device you want to connect to your car. After that, Carsifi will detect your Android smartphone and reconnect it automatically.

You can pair as many Smartphone’s as you wish. If you pair multiple Android devices with a Carsifi adapter, Android Auto will only work with one of them. You can switch between phones using Magic Button by double click.

Yes, it does. If you have any trouble connecting the adapter or syncing it with your Android smartphone, please contact us and we’ll gladly help you solve any issues.

No, Carsifi only works with Android Auto.

Yes, we have a 1-year warranty

Sure, we support the Carsifi adapter and provide new firmware via a companion app.

Carsifi uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. First, Carsifi automatically connects to your Android device via Bluetooth to establish Wireless Android Auto session and shares its Wi-Fi credentials. After that, your Android device connects to the Carsifi Wi-Fi network and broadcasting all data via WIFI as was designed by Google. The adapter has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so it's ok if your car does not have built-in Wi-Fi. There is an additional option to select another Wi-Fi (Your car WIFI or your phone hotspot) using the official Carsifi app.

If 2 paired phones are available in same time, Carsifi automatically connect to phone with latest Android Auto session.

Yes, the Carsifi adapter works. Google deprecated Android Auto as a separate app, but starting Android 10 Android Auto is built-in in Android OS. So, you do not need to install a separate app.

You can do it in Android Settings -> Bluetooth -> Select Carsifi device and click unpair. Or you can click Unpair button incompanion app.

By default, we ship from China using fast delivery. Also, we have stock in other countries. Please find all details in product description or checkout page.

The average shipping time is 7 days.

It depends on your country policy. We've delivery methods with included VAT and custom tax. Please check in product description or checkout page.

Carsifi is designed to work with any Android Auto supporting head unit. If you can connect your smartphone to Android Auto via cord, you can connect it wirelessly via Carsifi. Unfortunately, if Carsifi adapter won’t work with your car, we advised you to contact us ASAP and we will fix the problem or refund your money. Carsifi supports firmware updates, which means that you will easily update your adapter in the future.

Carsifi works with all devices starting with Android 5 and the latest to it. Carsifi works on Android 9 and above without companion app. Android 8 and below require companion app.

We refund your money. We have a refund policy with free refunds and we provide return shipping labels in most countries.

Yes, Carsifi provides the same features as the wired connection. You can continue manage your head unit using wheel controls, Google assistant, and more.

Yes, you can use it, but just in case you select your car's Wi-Fi network as default for the Carsifi adapter. You can do it in the Carsifi app for Android.

No, Google restricted the use of VPN during Wireless Android Auto connection.

The Carsifi adapter has an option in the companion app where you can set up finding a Bluetooth device (i.e. your car head unit), and if this Bluetooth is available, Carsifi automatically connects, otherwise working in passive mode.