Several years ago, we were confronted with an issue with android phones, we were using Android Auto for driving using a wired connection to the car radio. However, all of us were constantly frustrated with the cable and the mess that was created in the car. We all agreed that wirelessly connected phones to the car radio were just so much more convenient. This made us think that if there must be a better way, so why not create it for ourselves and for others out there that has the same problems. As many of you might know you don’t just create a new product and launch it with success, you must first check out all the legal and practical issues just in case. We did this and got the green light for the Carsifi adapter.

Carsifi Wireless Android Auto team near office
Casifi Wireless Android Auto adapter team in developing process in office places.


We designed and produced the first version of the adapter and just as we started selling them the world was plunged into chaos with the pandemic, more specifically the chip shortage worldwide.The cost implications of the shortage made us go back to the drawing board. We redesigned the adapter and got some help from other engineers, and together we produced an awesome product.


We decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to start mass producing the adapter. It was success story. We raised almost $1.15M and 14000 customers. However, the combination of the chip shortage and the COVID pandemic, delayed the delivery of the adapters by almost 4 month. Carsifi was one of the first adapters of its kind in the world and by far the most user-friendly and cost-effective.

Our team

Carsifi is the team of engineers with extensive experience in software & embedded developments in commercial projects. We are looking forward to building our client base and further developing the Carsifi adapter and new products.

CEO of Carsifi Wireless Android Auto team photo.

Ihor Martsekha

Founder / CTO

Hardware engineer of Carsifi Wireless Android Auto team photo.

Petro Leivi

Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Mobile engineer of Carsifi Wireless Android Auto team photo.

Ihor Pylyavets

Senior Android Software Engineer

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