Wireless Android Auto adapter For All Cars

You car or multimedia head unit must
support Wired Android Auto

Carsifi - Wirelessly connect phone to Android Auto, works on all cars | Product Hunt
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Is it compatible with my Car and Android?

Carsifi works with ALL cars and multimedia head units which support wired Android Auto.

You can visit the official Android Auto site and check the information if your car supports AA, but if you already use wired Android Auto, Carsifi will help you to make it wireless.

Also, you can try our companion Android app which gives you ability to configure Carsifi adapter (choose WI-Fi network, modify adapter settings, updates firmware and receive latest updates for Android Auto)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 295 reviews
Works perfectly

Works perfectly on my Honda Goldwing 2022, connected and worked immediately without changing anything on the settings.

Wow. Just Wow.

I have so many great things to say about this product but so little words for how amazed I am at how easy this was to use. Took literally less than 3 minutes to install and set up. Scanned the QR code, downloaded and installed the app, paired my phone to the carsifi Bluetooth, and almost like magic the car recognized Android auto being connected. Works flawlessly and I'm very impressed!! Works great in my 2020 Toyota Rav4. Oh, and an added bonus they include double-sided tape so you can mount it very discreetly as if it's not even there! I have mine mounted up under the climate control and it's barely noticeable if at all. 10/10!

Christian S.
Es Funktioniert

Es hat eine Weile gedauert, bis sich das Modul entschieden hat mit dem Auto und dem Telefon problemlos zusammen zu arbeiten.
Keine Ahnung woran es lag.
Troubleshooting hat auch nicht so wirklich geholfen, wohl eher das rumspielen mit der App und Geduld.
Letztendlich funktionierts und das ist die Hauptsache.
Kickstarter/Indiegogo Early Bird ($89)


Got the dongle since it was still on Kickstarter and had a little bugs here and there but the team was so supportive and managed to improve and fix the bugs on every new update. Currently running smooth and very quick to launch. Barely had any hiccups. Receiving calls and starting calls are flawless. Music plays well and most importantly no lag when using Android Auto. Its just like using Android Auto wired but its WIRELESS instead! Its a dream. The connection waiting times have improved from the updates. Highly recommend it!

Works perfectly!

The device was a lot smaller than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. While small and discreet, it still seemed very well made. Using the app, it took very little time to setup and it connected first try in my 2022 Hyundai Tucson. Despite multiple bad experiences with indigogo and kickstarter in the past, I'm glad I took a chance with this product.

Carsifi - Wireless Android Auto Adapter




  • Works on all cars and head units which supports Android Auto.
  • Works with Android smartphones (Android 5 and up).
  • Automated connect to your Android device.
  • Supports connection with multiple devices.
  • Fast connection with 5GHz Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz supports as well).
  • Online firmware updates.
  • Doesn't require third party software to install.
  • USB-A and USB-C support.
  • Shipping worldwide.

  • Availability: In Stock