Top 4 Ways to Connect Smartphone in Your Car Well

In the world today, there are very few people that live in urban areas or elsewhere that don’t have a SMART PHONE. Yes, we all have one whether it’s the first model in the range or the latest brightest best one from your brand of choice.

We use them where ever we go, from the minute we wake up to the very last minute our eyes are open, we are interacting with our phones. From our bed to the bus to the lift at work to our desk and so and so on. And we also use it in our cars, and no we are not promoting that you use your phone whilst driving! Not at all. But we do know that when you get stuck in traffic as we all do sometimes you might want to use your phone for some distracting entertainment.

Now there are a few ways to connect your smart phone to your car stereo and we are going to highlight the most common ones for you today from the simplest to the high-tech ones.

One Simple Option, No Problems

The simplest way to connect your smart phone to your car audio, is the AUX connector. Most cars have an AUX connector for your stereo and this is by far the easiest way to connect your phone to your car. The AUX input is also able to connect your iPod, Media Player or any other audio device to your car audio. The AUX connector is universal and as such allows for fewer options and thus fewer problems. This is because its simple to connect and gives you access to your music on your phone.

The Best Solution for Older Cars - Handsfree

If you have an older car don’t worry, there is an awesome solution for you to get your smart phone connected to your radio system. These are called Denison adaptors, and they are available for just about all models of cars on the road before 2010. These simple adaptors connect to your radio and then connect to your phone by way of a Bluetooth connection. This allows you to have all the functionality of your phone media player on your radio controls. So, you can drive in safety whilst listening to music and even answering calls without getting distracted on the road.

Phone Mirroring Adaptor

This method is for the more tech savvy user. The mirroring of your smart phone take some doing, but if you got it sorted out it does give you some awesome connectivity and usage. Using a mirroring adaptor lets you not only get the audio from you phone on your car stereo but also allows you to use other functions of your phone on your car media system. You can even watch videos if you are standing still or get the best directions via your phone GPS system. Mirroring gives you lots of options and a lot less headache.

The Best for Last…

For those of you that are driving a newer model car, you might have noticed that your vehicle supports either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Adapter. And this is really the best way to connect your smart phone to your car. the biggest brands in smart phone OS have integrated their functionality into vehicle audio systems and you can have all the phone functions seamlessly on your vehicle media system. This “connection” allows you to use the steering wheel buttons and other controls to change the audio or get directions via you phone. However, there is one caveat to these two systems, if they are not standard they are expensive. The best is normally the most expensive solution.

To Sum Up

If you want to connect your smart phone to your car audio, there is really no reason why you should be struggling. There are many ways to connect your smart phone to your audio system regardless of what car you drive or how old you are. All you need to do is follow the simple guide above and you will have hours of fun and sound in your car from now on.

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