Why do we need Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in our Cars?

Do you remember the day you got your first CD player in your car? If this is a bit before your time, that’s ok. What we are going to be discussing is the future of car audio, so forget about all the others, welcome to the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto era!

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make it easier for you to use your phone functions in your car whilst still driving safely. In the last decade, we have become so reliant on our smart devices that we just don’t want to stop using them when we drive. Thus, these applications have become more popular in recent years with most new vehicles being launched with these systems onboard.

What is Apple CarPlay?

As the name indicates, it’s the onboard audio system in your car that allows you to connect your Apple devices to your car and use the functions as if you are using your phone. All you need is to connect your phone via cable or Bluetooth and you can seamlessly use your phone functions through the systems and switches in your car.

What is Android Auto?

Well just like the Apple system, Android Auto lets you connect your Android device to your car media system and lets you use the functions handsfree on your phone. Connectivity is also via a cable or Bluetooth, and you have full access to your music, contacts, and much more.

What can I do with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

These systems are like your very own personal assistant in your car. once connected to these systems you have access to your phone functions like text messaging and maps. Depending on which Smart Device you are using - Apple or Android - you can even access Siri (Apple) or Google Assistant (Android) to help you with anything you might desire.

Functions that most users find very helpful are call and message management, especially on applications like Telegram or WhatsApp. You can listen to your favorite podcasts and enjoy your downloaded music through your car audio.

Other very useful functions that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto give you access to, are the Maps and Navigator apps on your phone. With these applications running you will hear the directions through your car speakers and see the directions on your car media screen. Thus, making your trip so much safer and more enjoyable.

Apple and Android are the 2 largest smart device OS worldwide and if you are buying a new vehicle now or in the near future make sure that you have your preferred car application preinstalled before taking delivery of your new car. You will no doubt be very happy with your choice!

What is Carsifi?

Carsifi is a universal device that lets you connect to your Android Auto system wirelessly. With so many devices, models, and shapes available in the smart device market, this little dongle makes it easy for you to connect your smartphone to your onboard system. However, it only connects to Android devices and Android Auto, there is no support for the Apple CarPlay systems at this time.

That means if you don’t want to have cables laying around in your car for your phone you could get a Carsifi dongle and once connected to your car media system with a cable or via Bluetooth. You can connect to your phone wirelessly when you get in your car.


As technology gets better every day almost it seems, we will have new gadgets and applications to use with our devices. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is the best way to stay connected with our devices seamlessly. As we upgrade our phones and vehicle these systems will keep on making our lives that much better into the future. Who knows what the next wave will bring…

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