Why use Android Auto if you already have an audio system in your car?

Picture the scene… you climb into your new car and you turn it on, and you reach over to turn on the radio. With a push of a button, you fill the car with sounds from some radio station that is playing the same old songs over and over again…

This is where Android Auto gives you a multitude of options. Even if you have a car audio system with all the connectors and options, you will most likely still use your phone unconnected. And why not? Your phone is your connection to the outside world, so you need it close.

Android Auto gives you all the functionality that your phone has in your car safely. So why should you use it?

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is an application that connects your android smart device to your car media system and lets you use the functions hands-free and with the buttons and switches on your steering wheel etc. It also lets you see the information on your car media system so you don’t need to look down at your phone at all.

Android Auto is simply the best way to seamlessly continue using your phone no matter where you are or how you are traveling. It lets you use and connect with your contacts via message apps and even will let you watch videos when you are standing in your car.

Which Cars Support Android Auto?

Just about all manufacturers have included the Android Auto as an option or as standard equipment on their latest and best models. So, if you are driving a car that does not have Android Auto compliancy, maybe it’s time for a new car? HeHe. Jokes aside, when you are buying a new car you should make sure that it has Android Auto installed so that you can use your phone and all of its functions with ease - and hands-free.

It would be silly to list all the brand names here because it is a very long list, not to mention the list of compatible stereo systems that support Android Auto. There are more than 500 compatible models and brands that will give you the simplicity and functionality of your Android phone in your car.

Of course, there are many other devices and 1000’s applications that you can download to your phone to use whilst connected to your Android Auto system. One of these devices is a small dongle that lets you use your Android Auto system wirelessly in your car. That device is called Carsifi, and it will connect to your car by USB-A cable or wirelessly and let you connect to your phone wirelessly as well. This way you can get in and out of your car without the hassle of connecting and disconnecting cables every time.

The little dongle is so easy to use and if you want to know how to interact with Carsifi the simple app and instructions will show you just how easy it is to use.

What is coming for Android Auto in 2022?

As with most applications, the updates are happening regularly and for 2022 there is no doubt going to be more functionality and more compatible vehicles and audio brands. Android Auto currently lets you use your Google Assistant to find whatever you are looking for as well as apps like Waze and Text messaging. The most important aspect of Android Auto is that you can drive your car and use your phone functions hands-free. So, safety first is always on the menu.

As 2022 unfolds you will see more news, entertainment, and music apps and access to your Android Auto system and you will have all the latest functions with your Android updates.

What about Competitors?

Currently, there is just one competitor for Android Auto in the market place and that is Apple CarPlay. It’s essentially the same application but used with Apple devices in vehicles. Cars are getting smarter by the day and we cannot wait to see what is coming in the future!


So, if you are buying a vehicle make sure you have Android Auto installed - it’s just better that way!

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